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Complementary food for adult cats

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providing your cat with a healthy organic meat food

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Choosing FORZA10 BIO products means buying safe organic foods, certified and controlled directly by the Ministry. It means choosing the best: a high quality food made without chemical substances, without GMOs, radiations or useless additives, a food that uses only certified and accurately selected raw ingredients, so as to provide a healthy, complete and balanced diet, free from damaging pharmacological residues, especially those of oxytetracycline*, frequently administered to intensively farmed animals.

This innovative line lets dogs and cats achieve wellbeing and keep it over time, through eating high quality nutrients that have been selected with specific principles.

It is notable, for instance, the use of organic algae, a true and veritable source of health through their optimal catering of nutritional elements that keep your pets’ in perfect shape.

Our technologically advanced production facility has been certified for the production of organic pet food: we’ve been certified by CCPB srl, an organization operating in this field since 1988 whose main task is to make sure that all laws and norms regarding organic food production and organic food labeling are followed.

* Studies published on international scientific journals such as “Poultry Science” (Cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline residues in the bones of broiler chickens following therapeutic oral administration of a water formulation) and “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology” (Toxicological implications and inflammatory response in human lymphocytes challenged with oxytetracycline).

FORZA10BIO Every Day with Organic Chicken is a certified organic wet food for adult cats, with high quality organic raw ingredients, created under stringent organic farming standards.


  • providing your cat with a healthy organic meat food
  • giving your cat an alternate flavour to our usual fish based diets
  • High quality raw ingredients, 100% organic, are selected with the utmost care: organic algae have renown beneficial properties and provide cats with important nutritional substances, thus keeping them in perfect physical condition.
  • The specific organic formulation makes Every Day suitable for all those animals with hypersensitivity to industrial chemical residues in meats and cereals. All this makes FORZA10BIO Every Day with Organic Chicken an exceptionally healthy, nutritious, tasty and digestible food, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Unlike conventional pet food, regulations about organic pet food ban the use of flavour enhancers and GMOs.
  • FORZA10BIO Every Day with Organic Chicken optimal palatability derives only by its high quality raw ingredients and by the natural extracts present.
  • Practical single-dose tray, to avoid wasting food.

efficacia d
Every Day Bio Line effectiveness has been scientifically proven by SANYpet’s R&D Department.

Visit our website specific page to see all our scientific research.

meat and meat by-products* (organic chicken 26%), fish and fish by-products*, minerals. *100% organic raw materials.

Additives: vitamins: vitamin D3 100 IU/kg, vitamin E/RRR alpha tocopheryl acetate 30 mg/kg. Oligoelements: zinc sulphate monohydrate 40 mg/kg, cupric sulphate pentahydrate 2 mg/kg, manganous oxide 1.6 mg/kg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.78 mg/kg.

Analytical constituents: moisture 82%, crude protein 9.8%, crude oils and fats 5.2%, crude fibre 0.3%, crude ash 2.2%, taurine 0.3%.

ME: 747 kcal/kg – 3.1 MJ/kg.


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