FAQ Nutritional advices

Yes, the best solution for your pet’s meal is mixing dry and wet food. Dry food has a very high percentage of dry matter (about 90%) and very little water, making both the blood and the lymphatic circulation too dense. Kibbles are not advisable as one and unique meal and, in particular, the cat needs strict indications. (To learn more, read our blog article)

The approximate proportion is 80% of dry food and 20% of wet food, but the dose must be balanced according to the dog’s conditions, so observe and listen to him. (To learn more, read our blog article)

In this case, the diet has no particular requirements compared with other days of the year. When you go on holiday, bring with you the foods that you pet generally eats at home. But what is important is to have a bowl at hand – for instance, there are some foldable in plastic – and some water, so that your dog can drink whenever he needs to soothe the heat, as we do. The only recommendations are to feed your dog a wet and dry diet, so that he will be able to intake more water and foods containing herbal extracts, that will protect him and are unpleasant to parasites. (To learn more, read our blog article).

By referring to the mountain in winter, when the temperature falls, dogs burn more calories and so their diet must be rich in nutrients, to meet the calorie and energy needs. The change of weather, on the other hand, can cause some problems, in particular skin and intestinal disorders. Foods that guarantee the wellness of these parts of the body would be a right choice. (To learn more, read our blog article)

The Paleo diet is similar to the grain-free one. It is the diet that brings us back through time, to the Paleolithic, when man and dog hunted together. It is the wolf’s diet. It is very similar to the grain-free diet, and requires the intake of protein from meat, fats for energy, carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, fibers, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, salts and water. (To learn more, read our blog article).

It is a diet that does not include the consumption of meat, with the exception of fish, preferably cooked and based on oily fish. It cuts out crustaceans and shellfish. (To learn more, read our blog article).

The BARF diet includes raw meat, bones and organs. Like the homemade diet, it must be prepared paying attention that it is best balanced. The proportion of components is almost the same as the homemade diet, with the difference that all ingredients are raw and you have to replace grains / tubers with fruits. (To learn more, read our blog article).

Yes, the chemical residues, among which oxytetracycline, that deposit in the meat from industrial farming, can cause organic changes at various levels, such as to the nervous system and to the delicate balance of neurotransmitters, which potentially leads to behavioral changes.

Yes, that is why we have created FORZA10 Armonia, a food that helps stabilize the body’s psycho-physical condition, with proven results in anxiety conditions, such as depression for abandonment, aggression for fear, repeated or impulsive behaviors.

It is the diet that you prepare, at home, expressly for your dog and your cat, and not with table scraps. You use boiled meat, poultry meat, oily fish, because it is less fat, and vegetables like carrot, celery, and zucchini. Eggs, oils and carbohydrates are to be used in moderation, whereas dairy products, onion, garlic and leek, sweets and grapes must be avoided. (To learn more, read our blog article).

70-80% meat or fish, 10-15% boiled vegetables, 10-15% grains, but not only. Though it is an excellent diet, you should take into account the remarkable amount of time it needs and moreover it requires appropriate skills to best balance it. This is a complex aspect even for an expert. (To learn more, read our blog article).

No, the healthiness degree depends on the snacks. Ours are healthy and tasty, without any additives or appetite stimulants. (To learn more, click here)

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