FAQ Vet Pills

Struvite is the common name of magnesium ammonium phosphate, a mineral that can form and precipitate in cat urine in particular conditions (pH ≥ 7, high magnesium concentration), developing crystals and, in the long run, urinary stones. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

Prevention is often better than cure, that is why some important precautions in your pet’s nutrition can reduce the risk of developing struvite stones (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

The bone can be harmful for the health of dogs and cats. The problem is not the bone in itself (with the exception of particular cases, like the bones of chicken that are not recommended as they tend to break into small fragments with sharp edges), but the presence of different chemical and pharmacological residues, first of all oxytetracycline, that Dr. Sergio Canello recognized as the enemy number one of pets’ health (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

The first step for a correct oral hygiene is a healthy and balanced diet. Anyway there are other important precautions and specific foods, such as our Mr. Fruit Chew, that helps the teeth cleaning. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

NK (Natural Killer) cells, also called NK lymphocytes, are cells of the immune system that are designed to spot and eliminate tumour cells and virus-infected cells. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article).

Omega3 fatty acids are able to make cell membranes elastic, whereas Omega6 tends to stiffen them. So the excess of Omega6, if it is not balanced by Omega3, can predispose to muscle, tendon or joint lesions, or even to delivery problems and cause hemorrhages. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC) is a catechin, one of the most powerful and efficient polyphenol. It has strong antioxidant properties and is abundant in green tea. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

When your pet does not eat because he does not feel well, the best thing to do is not to force him to eat, because his body perfectly knows what to do. Fast could be the lesser evil and you should worry according to the number of days your pet spends without eating. In the case of cats, anyway, you should pay more attention, since a prolonged period of anorexia could bring to an accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and trigger a very dangerous condition, that is hepatic lipidosis. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

In the most of cases, the excessive growth of puppies is due to an alteration of foods. As a matter of fact, many kibbles are heavily unbalanced with a content of Omega6 that is much higher than Omega3. Moreover, there is the constant risk of oxytetracycline, pets’ enemy number one. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

There are numerous causes of diarrhea of puppies and it is important to recognize them. Surely, the most frequent one is food, which can contain harmful elements that cause inflammatory disorders. The first and foremost harmful element is oxytetracycline, pets’ enemy number one. (Read Dr Sergio Canello’s article)

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