FAQ Reading your dog

Inflammatory disorders should be more correctly defined as defense reactions of the body. They can develop in any organ; it depends only on the sensitivity that varies from one individual to another. The names of all inflammations end by the suffix “-it is”: conjunctivitis, otitis, gingivitis, dermatitis, gastritis, enteritis, colitis and so on. They indicate the process by which the body is engaged to combat and destroy external or internal negative stimuli. Actually, the inflammatory process is the body’s healing process and this is the way all medicine texts define it. It should be compared, in fact, to the incinerator of a town: it is charged with the destruction of waste. Of course, if the production of waste is continuous, the inflammatory process will inevitably become chronic.

Tearing, foul breath, ear infection, itching on the neck and lower back, exaggerated need of grass, fasting night vomiting, flatulence, loose stools or diarrhea, dandruff, redness, paw or anal glands licking, restlessness, anxiety, unmotivated barking. These are the most evident reactions, but disorders, especially inflammatory processes, can develop on any organ.

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