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Today’s eating patterns imply the excessive presence of fatty acids of the Omega6 series. This is harmful, because Omega6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and promote the exaggerated growth of all cells, especially fat cells, thus becoming one of the less intuitive causes of overweight. Omega6 acids are also the cause of detrimental stiffening of cell membranes, which leads to dislocations, muscle strains, sprains and also to the frequent rupture of ligaments, menisci and intravertebral discs. A diet rich in sea-caught fish, with a rich content of Omega3, that is very concentrated especially in salmons, but in herrings and anchovies too, counterbalances the excess of Omega6. A balanced diet like that is important for the growth of puppies, because it makes it possible the correct musculo-skeletal development, the prevention of inflammatory processes, and an harmonious and balanced development. But that’s not all: fish is low-calorie, makes the coat bright and transforms fat into muscle. How about that?

Dehydrated meat is used in the Mr. Fruit line for dogs and is a high-quality raw material, obtained from fresh chicken meat, through a technologically advanced process that associates heat with pressure. This system is similar to that of a “pressure cooker”, which preserves the nutritional properties in a natural way and in the meanwhile eliminates a large part of the excess fat. At the end of this process, before meat is ground, it is sifted to separate possible residues of bones. Moreover, heat eliminates water, which further concentrates the most noble proteins and the precious essential amino acids of meat.

The use of meat meal is not positive or negative in an absolute sense, because there can be high-quality and poor-quality animal meals. Animal meal is simply a product whose meat and other tissues of animal origin undergo a process of dehydration, degreasing and grinding. The product you obtain has the aspect of flour and the essential nutritional components are concentrated and standardized to meet specific nutritional parameters. (To learn more, read our blog article)

A gluten-free diet is characterized by the absence of grain containing gluten. The foods used as ingredients for that diet are meat and gluten-free grain, such as corn, rice or sorghum.

No. The lines Diet, Bio, Maintenance, Legend and Mr. Fruit are the optimal continuation to mantain the results obtained with the Diet lines and diets.

No, it is not necessary, but in order to obtain the best results, we suggest to use only FORZA10 wet food and snacks.

Fish oil is fundamental for the intake of Omega3 and to ensure the best balance with Omega6.

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