FAQ grain free

A grain-free diet is not a diet without carbohydrates, but without all grains, that are eliminated from the foods. (To learn more, read our blog article).

Honestly, grain-free foods can be successfully used for life. A grain-free formula does not cause any kind of deficiency or disorder. The expression “complete food” means – legislatively – all those elements that meet the minimum requirements for all nutrients: in that sense, a grain-free food can absolutely be considered as a complete food, provided that it respects that condition. A grain-free diet, by excluding grains from its formulation, eliminates potentially allergizing components: if it is true that any substance can turn into an allergen, it was noticed that, statistically speaking, grains can induce the onset of allergies more easily than other substances and, among grains, some are more at risk than others (wheat is more allergizing than corn or rice, for instance). A dog who suffers from grain-related intolerances will surely benefit from a diet like that, that anyway is suitable for the maintenance of pets who have no particular food-related problems too. (To learn more, read our blog article).

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