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Because Iceland is the place where nature is still untouched and respected. According to EPI (Enviromental Performance Index), in 2016 Iceland ranks second in the world for the respect of nature and sustainable use of its own resources.

The production chains are traceable and controlled, moreover a national ban on the use of hormones, food additives and antibiotics. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

The waters of Atlantic Ocean are teeming with fish of high quality and pureness, because of the refusal of intensive farming and the presence of the Gulf Stream, which disperses the pollutants. The presence of many lakes and rivers ensures the same quantity and quality, especially thanks to fishers, whose job is their life. The Icelanders are communing with nature and take care of their resources with love and sustainability. As the Iceland Responsible Fisheries states, fishing is not a way of living, but it is life itself, “sharing the goodness of the wild […] for the benefit of future generation”. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

Iceland is not only water, icebergs and fish.
Icelandic sheep are an integral part of the population, both for their number and for the tradition. In fact they have been populating the island since when the Norwegian Vikings settled those lands. Chicken and pig farming is carried out in the typical Icelandic farms, whereas sheep and horses are free in the wild, where there is no pollution, and they feed exclusively on plants and grass. Farming is extensive and does not envisage the use of pharmacological substances. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

They are bodies or parts of bodies of animals or other products obtained from animals and not intended for human consumption. We at SANYpet – FORZA10 do not use by-products, because we think that dogs and cats deserve high quality raw materials and foods. That is why we choose clean ingredients from the untouched Iceland and from the nature of New Zealand, as well as carrying out more than 5,000 controls on raw materials per year.

The decision to internalize all SANYpet production is now a reality. We do everything “at home”, without turning to other producers. The creation of two production units in Iceland, one for wet food and one for snacks, enables us to use raw materials that are unique in the world and surely more wholesome than the ones from Thailand, which supplies nearly all the rest of the world. It follows that nearly all other brands use the same raw material, mixed in different ways. In Iceland, the distance from sources of industrial pollution guarantees that both fish and meat are practically uncontaminated, which is an almost unique situation in the world. The confirmation comes from seeing that, with these raw materials, pets reflourish in a very short time.

We carry out more than 5,000 tests on raw materials per year. More specifically, we perform an analytical control of the batches that we receive daily. This control is performed both inside our company through specific equipments and outside the company, by accredited laboratories. We associate these controls with regular audits (inspections led by external bodies) to our suppliers. Audits consist in the integral control of the production chain, with particular attention to the critical points of the production process that can vary from one raw material to the other. This evaluation is made in the supplier’s unit, both through the documentary check and through the visual inspection of the production process. Not only does this guarantee a constant control on suppliers, but also a high quality standard.

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