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Organic food, as such, assures a higher naturalness of the raw materials and more controls on the production chain. Though with the legitimate precautions on the whole organic world, products of this kind prove to reduce chemical and pharmacological intolerances in an evident way. (Click here to learn more)

It is a certification issued by a controlling body that ensures that foods are produced in compliance with the strict regulations on organic production and the labeling of organic products, that guarantees controls and quality. (Click here to learn more)

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It is a diet that does not consider any supply of meat, fish or other foods of animal origin. Therefore, the basic elements this diet consists of are grains, soy, different vegetables, and extracts of vegetable proteins, oils and fats. (Click here to learn more)

Since the dog is omnivorous, he shows to live well this diet from the psycho-physical point of view. It is particularly suited as an elimination diet for dogs who have developed particular intolerances or sets of problems and need to be fed this kind of diet for a certain lapse of time. (Click here to learn more)

Since the cat is a strict carnivore, the vegan diet must be considered as a complementary diet. So, at least once or twice a week, it must be supplemented with meat to supply the cat with the necessary amount of vitamin D3, carnitine and taurine, that are absent in vegetarian diets. The effects of the lack of these elements, that are essential to a carnivore, develop in a insidious and silent way and when they show up, it could be too late to remedy it. (Click here to learn more)

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