Usefulness of a nutraceutical diet to improve quality of life

On October 2014, a 10-years-old male neutered boxer presented to the Wiligelmo Veterinary Clinic of Modena (Italy) for the sudden onset of 3 cutaneous nodular lesions. The first, a large movable lesion, was clearly visible on the dorsal face of the second finger of the right forepaw, which was linked to the paw by means of a tight peduncle. Intriguingly the skin of this lesion resulted intact, neither alopecic nor with signs of dermatitis. The second lesion, on right side of the tail, was subcutaneous, poorly movable and with a blackish, alopecic but not ulcerated skin. The same features characterized the third lesion on the left dorsal side of the gluteus region.
Trichological exam showed the presence of fungal spores compatible with Microsporum gypseum. Conversely, hematobiochemical
analyses, radiographic and ultrasonography investigations do not showed any significant alteration. Also liver and spleen samplings, by mean of fine needle aspiration biopsy, as well as exon 11 analysis do not revealed any mast cell infiltrates or genetic mutations, respectively.
Firstly the dog was assigned to receive Griseofulvin for one month, then a dose of 1 mg/kg Prednisolone and a tablet of
Epato 1500 (twice a day). After one month the amount of Prednisolone was reduced to 0.75 mg/kg while the Griseofulvin
was interrupted. The most difficult therapeutic concern was the necessity to use Prednisolone, as the only drug accepted by the owners against mast cell tumor, and the need to avoid it in order to prevent dermatophytosis spread. Three months later a nutraceutical, immune modulating diet (IMMUNOACTIVE, SANYpet S.p.A) was introduced. One week later the Prednisolone was reduced to 0.6 mg/kg and, after 15 days since the beginning of the nutraceutical diet supplementation, was interrupted. Three weeks later neoplastic lesions resulted slightly reduced.

To read the complete research click here – Usefulness of a nutraceutical diet to improve qol and drugs use in a dog affected by a mast cell tumor: a case report.


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