Giant Schnauzer testimonial

Animal: Dog

Gender: female

Disorder: urinary incontinence and behavioral issues

Product: Armonia

Your review:

I am the owner of a female Giant Schnauzer. She is 5 years old, spayed at 6 months old and she’s suffering from urinary incontinence and behavioral issues you could describe as ADD (attention disorder deficit with hyperactivity).

I started her on Forza10 Behavioral diet and after 36 hours, incontinence has stopped, she was calm, happy, wanting to play and paying attention to everything! I had a hard time believing the change was just due to the change of diet. So, after one week where she was on Forza10 Behavioral and was behaving perfectly fine, I switched diet again and went back to her regular food which was Nutro Large Breed Dogs. After 12 hours, urinary incontinence had resumed and she was back to hyperactivity and attention deficit.
After a few days on her regular diet, I switched her again to Forza10 Behavioral and it took 24 hours to stop the urinary incontinence and see her back to a completely normal behavior.
As a dog cannot receive the Forza10 Behavioral on a long term basis, we used it for one month and use it again if incontinence reoccurs as a 10 days cure. She however looks perfectly fine for now. It is amazing to see our dog being so happy, wanting to play again with her toys and with the kids and just feeling great!
I’m very grateful to Forza10 for the amazing results we saw with our dog, allowing her to enjoy a happy dog life again!


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